How Can I Get Out of My NY Contract?

You can’t just get out of your contract because you want to. Rather, you can ask several questions to help determine whether there are valid legal arguments for you to defend against, rescind, or terminate a contract. Here are ten questions to consider if you’re wondering how to get out of your New York contract.  […]

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Will Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment in NY?

If you’re a New Yorker and your wages are being garnished, filing for bankruptcy may be a way to stop this from happening and to keep all of your wages.  A wage garnishment immediately ceases upon the filing of a bankruptcy due to the automatic stay; the automatic stay is an injunction that is typically […]

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Should You Waive a Home Inspection in NY?

Buying a home is always challenging. When you’re looking for your forever home, you always need to come up with an appealing offer, otherwise you end up disappointed. One tactic that buyers are increasingly counting on to stand out is to waive the home inspection. Afterall, the pandemic atmosphere and an active real estate market, […]

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